Invitation to an architectural event ( subtitle on ukrainian)
Location - Art-platform "G13"

Project outputs:

  • mobile art and spatial compositions

  • corporate identity development

  • artistic photography

  • description of event for two hundred to three hundred people

Goals of ARCHSPACE :


  • continuous improvement of lounge spaces,

  • extreme satisfaction of high aesthetic demands in venue interior

  • introducing brand new quality standard for event organisation

  • extreme attention to details

"Pyramid" spatial composition


This installation represents ARCHSPACE brand theme in 3D. Simple lines and human fitting scale was chosen by intention and proved its value. Pyramid became key part of the hall and attracted a lot of attention.

"Plasticity forms" art-installation


The idea kept in my mind for a long time and I searched for opportunity to implement it. It was my inner desire to show shapes and spaces as a constantly changing objects, using static materials.


- logo

- emblems

- plastic card with embossing for pass

- poster

- leaflet